About Animal Chaplain Services

Loving a pet is a special and very personal experience for all of us.  They bring us joy, love and laughter in their own unique way and nuzzle their way into our hearts.  MonkeyBear Animal Chaplain Services offers help during challenging times with: 
  • Understanding, Kindness and Empathy
  • Veterinarian Visit Support
  • Euthanasia Support (before, during and after)
  • Memorials, Funerals & Celebrations of Life
  • Grief Support
  • Pet Blessings 
  • Prayer Support
  • Wreath Making - Honouring Our Pets Workshops 

All services are by donation except for prayers, shrouds and workshops. Your pet can be put on the prayer list with no charge.

Please contact Ann today if you need help or just a listening ear.  All pets are honored.

Phone: 587-598-7864 email: [email protected]